Vinel is the visualization of code, the physical representation of inputs, captured on a piece of paper. Inspired by both, an old record player and the modern technology of a 3D printer, my design should both play and produce. Vinel plays the inputs, transforms data into grooves.

The internet of things connects devices, objects with each other, just like Vinel connects the digital and the physical worlds.

For our Physical Computing course with this very subject, I wanted to make this link and at the same time produce something. The fact that our work finally resulted in an exhibition led me to the wish to actually produce something very unique for the visitor to take home.

The visualization of code, as well as the production of drawings is something I have already gone in in the Production Design course (Pribble) and the Light, Color and Interaction course (atonicity). So I picked up these subjects, took the idea and designed Vinel.


Konzeption, Produktion & Coding von Breath

Das Projekt entstand im Rahmen des Physical Computing Moduls an der Zürcher Hochschule der Künste.

Gabriel Bach